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Workflow with the PTC Create Issue Automation (PRO)


  • Application Link to you Jira (Primary)

  • Page Tree Creator Pro version (8.2 and higher)

With the PTC Create Issue Automation Macro you are able to create a Jira issue while you are creating new pages or a space with the Page Tree Creator Pro app.

On following pages you can find some use cases and examples on how to configure and use this macro.

Get Field IDs - via REST API

The Jira field id is not the same as the Jira field name!

But there is a simple way to determine the filed id of your Jira field.

Open the following URL in your browser, making sure that you substitute <YOUR-JIRA-URL> with your actual Jira Base Url.


This will return a list of fields including their ids. You can search for the field name and the "id" value is the field id you need.

Check out the Create Issue Automation macro page to see what field types are supported

Make sure you are logged in, otherwise you can not see all Jira fields.


This is an example of the Description field.

    "id": "description",    <--------- THIS IS THE FIELD ID
    "name": "Description",  <--------- THIS IS THE FIELD NAME YOU CAN SEE
    "custom": false,
    "orderable": true,
    "navigable": true,
    "searchable": true,
    "clauseNames": [
    "schema": {
      "type": "string",     <--------- THIS IS THE FIELD TYPE
      "system": "description"

field name = Description

filed id = description

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