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Advanced: Combine with PTC Default Value macro

You are also able to combine the PTC Create Issue Automation macro with the PTC Default Value macro.

Note: You can use this functionality on following PTC Create Issue Automation macro fields:

  • Project Key

  • Issue Type ID

  • Summary

  • Linked Issue Key and Relationship

  • Add fields

Step 1: Add a PTC Create Issue Automation macro to your PTC Template or any Confluence page

Following the guide Create a Simple PTC Template

Step 2: Configure the PTC Create Issue Automation macro

Set placeholders for all fields.

  • Project Key → __Project Key__

  • Issuetype Id → __Issue Type__

  • Issue Summary → __Summary__

Step 3: Configure Pages with button (target page)

On the page where the PTC button is located (Create Pages or Create Space Button) insert a PTC Default Value macro for your placeholders (for example for __Project Key__).

Inside the macro body inset your default value (like you would use the PTC Default Value macro as normal)

For the project key placeholder you need to insert a valid project key e.g “TESTPRO

For the issue type you need to insert a valid issue type Id e.g “10102

  • in this case we insert the Project Key from our test project (“TESTPRO”)

Step 4: Instantiate your template with the PTC button

Now, you can see your previously selected project key, in the Replace Placeholder dialog.

The same applies to the issue type.

Project Key placeholder configured with PTC Default Value not editable | Image

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