With these optional parameters, you are able to link Jira issues with each other.

Step 1: Add a PTC Create Issue Automation macro to your PTC Template or any Confluence page

Following the guide Create a Simple PTC Template

Step 2: Configure the PTC Create Issue Automation macro

  • First, fill in all the required fields.

  • Add the two optional parameters

    • (1) Linked Issue Relationship

    • (2) Linked Issue Key

  • Configure the two fields

    • With Placeholders: __Relationship__ and __Issue to be Linked__

    • With static values:

      • Relationship: Id of link type. For example: “10001“ (clones) or “10001:inward” (is cloned by)

      • Linked Issue Key: key of the issue to be linked. For example “PTC-21”

  • Save your page

Get the id of your issue link types via REST API

Optional parameters | Image

Step 3: Instantiate the page with the Tools-menu option or PTC Button

In the Replace Placeholder dialog, once you have selected a project and an issue type, all fields related to the PTC Create Issue Automation macro and your selection will appear.

Replace Placeholder dialog | Image

The Relationship placeholder will be a drop down menu with all available options if not set as a static value

  • Select a Relationship

  • Enter a Valid Issue Key for the Issue to be linked placeholder

  • Click create

Open the newly created issue in Jira. Under Linked Issues, you can now see you issue relation.