Start with the article ”Get Field IDs - via REST API” to understand how you can collect your field id.

Step 1: Add a PTC Create Issue Automation macro to your PTC Template or any Confluence page

Following the guide Create a Simple PTC Template

Step 2: Configure the PTC Create Issue Automation macro

  • Fill in all the required fields.

  • Switch to the “Add fields” tab

  • Add a field id of your choice (in our case “description”)

    • “description” is the field id from the Jira Field “Description”

  • Click the “Add Field” button

  • Add a Placeholder of your choice (in our case “__Issue Description__) (it is also possible to set a static value for your “Jira Field Value”)

  • Save your page

Added Field - Description

Multi line format

It is possible to combine a Jira added field placeholder (e.g __issue description__) with a PTC Placeholder macro to set the type to “Multi Line”.

Additionally, combined with a PTC Default Value macro a multi line default value can be used.