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Advanced: Use newly created Issue Number on Confluence page(s) or macros

In the PTC Create Issue Automation macro you have the option to set a Issue number placeholder parameter, the placeholder you define here will be replaced on the Confluence page with the new created issue number.

  • In the page title or body

  • As page label

  • Confluence or Other third-party macros

Issue number placeholder | Image

It's also possible to recreate the complete Issue Key. The issue key can be used to link issues with one another like epic link, issue links or subtasks.

Note: The issue key consisting of two pieces of information:

Project Key and Issue Number

  • [project_key]-[issue_number] will be → PTC-21

For Example

  • Define a placeholder for the project key inside the PTC Create Issue Automation (e.g __Project Key__) and configure a Issue Number Placeholder (e.g __Issue Number__).

  • Now you can combine these “__Project Key__-__Issue Number__” on the new page this will automatically replaced with the correct replacements. The final result will be a valid Issue Key which you can use freely.

    • Combine it with a the PTC Default Value macro (Epic Link, Linked Issue etc)

    • Combine it with the PTC Jira macro and Confluence Jira macro on a child page. (see PTC Jira macro)

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