In the PTC Create Issue Automation macro you have the option to set a “Issue number placeholder” parameter, the placeholder you define here will be replaced on the Confluence page with the new created issue number.

  • In the page title or body

  • As page label

  • Confluence or Other third-party macros

It's also possible to recreate the complete Issue Key. The issue key can be used to link issues with one another like epic link, issue links or subtasks.

Note: The issue key consisting of two pieces of information:

Project Key and Issue Number

  • [project_key]-[issue_number] will be → PTC-21

For Example:

  • Define a placeholder for the project key inside the PTC Create Issue Automation (e.g __Project Key__) and configure a Issue Number Placeholder (e.g __Issue Number__).

  • Now you can combine these “__Project Key__-__Issue Number__” on the new page this will automatically replaced with the correct replacements. The final result will be a valid Issue Key which you can use freely.

    • Combine it with a the PTC Default Value macro (Epic Link, Linked Issue etc)

    • Combine it with the PTC Jira macro and Confluence Jira macro on a child page. (see PTC Jira macro)