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Update and Installation

This guidance will help you update the Page Tree Creator or Space Tree Creator to new Page Tree Creator:

Space Tree Creator → Page Tree Creator
Page Tree Creator → Page Tree Creator Pro

A special Migration Wizard explained in Migration to Version 8 will help you migrate your existing Page Tree Creator and Space Tree Creator data!


  • (tick) Only one app is needed to copy pages AND spaces

  • (tick) Introduced the PTC Template Macro

  • (tick) Introduced new macros for all configuration needs

  • (tick) Terminology: Tag becomes Placeholder, Consecutive Tag becomes Counter


  • (minus) Template Spaces Configuration → Included in PTC Template Macro

  • (minus) Category Pages → Included in PTC Template Macro

  • (minus) STC Tag Description Macro → Included in PTC Placeholder Macro

How to Install

Create a snapshot or backup of your current Confluence instance before installing, updating or migrating any data!

Test the migration on a snapshot or specialized staging environment before applying it to production!

  1. If your are updating to the Page Tree Creator Pro, make sure to uninstall the Space Tree Creator first. If you skip this step, there might be some unexpected behavior. Take a look at the troubleshooting note below for further information on this.

  2. Install the Page Tree Creator or Page Tree Creator Pro

  3. Open the Migration Wizard in the General Configuration

  4. Follow the steps explained in the Migration Wizard

  5. (tick) Create some spaces and pages to verify the correct behavior


If you have problems after updating/upgrading to the new Page Tree Creator version, you may find the Troubleshooting chapter on the Migration to Version 8 page helpful.

Changes in Terminology




App names

Space Tree Creator

Page Tree Creator


Page Tree Creator

Page Tree Creator Pro


PTC Default Value Macro

PTC Default Value Macro (PRO)


PTC Tag Description Macro

PTC Placeholder Macro


PTC Ignore Tags Macro

PTC Ignore Placeholder Macro


PTC Jira Macro

PTC Jira Macro


PTC Button

PTC Create Pages Button


STC Button

PTC Create Space Button



PTC Template Macro



PTC Template Page Macro (PRO)



PTC Multi Button (PRO)



PTC Exclude Content Macro (PRO)



PTC Template Statistics Macro (PRO)



PTC Placeholder


Default Tag

Default Value Placeholder


Consecutive Tag



Cascaded Tag

Cascaded Placeholder


Tag Marker

Placeholder Marker


Tag Format

Placeholder Type





Tag Config

Placeholder Properties


User Tag

User Type Placeholder


Template Sticker

Template Marker


Reuse Replacement

Reuse Value


Template Configuration

Template Properties


Template Page Configuration

Template Page Properties

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