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Template Macro

With the PTC Template macro you are able to easily create a new template for the Confluence Create dialog.

Just insert the macro on the page and configure it according to your needs.

You can add PTC Placeholder macros inside the PTC Template macro to manage it directly in the PTC Template macro setting.

Macro Parameters


Configure how the Template is displayed in the Create dialog and the instantiation property.



Default Value

Template Icon

Select an icon you want to have displayed for the template on the create dialog

Our PTC Icon

Template Name

This name will be displayed in the create dialog.


Template Description

This description will be displayed in the create dialog


Watch Pages

Select which pages should be watched after the instantiation.

MAIN: only the top page
ALL: all pages are watched
NONE: no page is watched


Edit Mode

If checked, after the instantiation, the edit mode of the new root page is opened


Show Page Selection

If checked, shows the page selection tree in the creation process.



Configure the template how and in which spaces it will be available.



Default Value

Show in Create Dialog

Display template in the create dialog.


Global Visibility (If Show in Creation Dialog is true)

If selected, the template will be shown on every space


Visible in space (If Global Visibility is false)

Template will be available in these spaces (Can be combined with categories)


Visible in space categories (If Global Visibility is false)

Template will be available in spaces with these categories (Can be combined with single spaces). To specify more than one category, use commas to separate the entries (Without any white-spaces in-between the categories).



Add or manage your placeholder properties, add your PTC Placeholder macro inside the PTC Template macro. Whit this you can manage your placeholder properties directly in the PTC Template macro sidebar-tap Placeholder.


  • Add placeholder

    • Adds a new PTC Placeholder macro inside the PTC Template macro.

  • Collapse all

    • Collapse all placeholder format options.

  • Expand all

    • Expand all placeholder format options.

The placeholder parameter the same as in the PTC Placeholder macro.

Placeholder Order

Configure just with drag-and-drop in with order the placeholder should be. (Order in the Creation Dialog)

The placeholder order searches the template for placeholders. It is completely independent of the Placeholder Properties.

Save the page first and then order your placeholders

It doesn’t matter in which order the placeholder are on the page.

Note: Per Default the order will be the order in the page.

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