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Template Page Macro (PRO)

The PTC Template Page Macro is a Pro feature to add optional page specific template configurations

Macro Parameters




Page Title

Select a title for the new page.
If left empty then the original title will be used

“Notes __number__ “


Set a page description

Mandatory page

Check to make sure this page will always be copied. It won’t be possible to uncheck this page in the page selection

Overwrite page permissions

Check to overwrite page restrictions in the new created page. If unchecked then the page restrictions are copied as they are now.

If checked the following options are available:

  • users with view permission

  • groups with view permission

  • users with edit permission

  • groups with edit permission

Template page is restricted to only be edited by special groups

Add confluence-users in the Template Page Macro to “groups with edit permission” so all confluence-users will be able to edit the newly created page, but the template is only editable by one group

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