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Create Space Button Macro

The Create Space Button macro always creates a new space with the respective tree structure (result) on the basis of a source document in the form of a tree (template). The template may include several tags which are replaced depending on the situation upon creation of the new tree structure.

The Space Creation function is started mainly using the Create Space Button macro, or in exceptional cases, by selecting the Copy / Create Space in the Tool bar. Before the Space Creation will create the new space with the new tree structure, you are prompted to replace the tags in the template by your values using the Page Tree Creator Replacement Form.

Macro Parameters


Input Field Type


Button Name


Text Field

Give your button a name, special characters and placeholders are allowed.

Source Page


Text Field / Dropdown

Specifies the root page of your template. This template is a normal confluence page. When the button is clicked, the root page and all its children are used as template for the new page tree. The root page will become the new home page.

Space Title Instruction

Text Field (Multi field)

Optional instruction below the ‘Space Title’ input in the Create Space dialog. (Overrides ‘General Setting’ instruction)

Space Key Instruction

Text Field (Multi field)

Optional instruction below the ‘Space Key’ input in the Create Space dialog.. (Overrides ‘General Setting’ instruction)

Default Target Space Key

Text Field

Default Target Space Key will be displayed when creating a new Space with the Space Create Button macro. The key may only consist of ASCII letters or numbers (A-Z, a-z, 0-9), without any spaces.

Disable Target Space Key Input


When setting a Default Target Space Key the input field in the Create Space dialog will be disabled and cannot be changed. When the space key already exists a number will be appended to its key, since the space key has to be unique

Permitted Groups

Text Field

Restrict the usage of the button to specific groups

Hide disabled Button


The Space Create Button can be hidden when the user has no permission, else the button is just disabled

Labels for Top Page

Text Field

A label can be added to the newly created top page. Tags will not be replaced. Separate labels with commas, No Whitespaces!

Show Page Selection


If checked, the user chooses which pages get copied when the Create Space Button is used.

Copy Attachments


If checked, all attachments will be copied to the new space.

Copy Space Favorite


If checked, the new space will be added to “My Spaces”, if the source space was already in “My Spaces”. If unchecked, the space won’t be added to “My Spaces”

Copy Page Favorite


If checked, new pages are “saved for later” if the associated source page was “saved for later”, too. If unchecked, no new page is “saved for later”

Copy Page-Templates


If checked, spaces created from this button inherit all page templates from the source space.

Copy Space-Permissions


If checked, spaces created from this button inherit it's space permissions from the source space.

Copy Space Avatar


If checked, the current space avatar will be applied to the new space - otherwise the default space avatar will be applied

Create Personal Space


Let the user create his own Personal Space.

Existing Category Key for Refined-Theme Plugin

Text Field

Use if Refined-Theme for Confluence is installed to preselect a Category

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