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Tags Configuration

In Template Configuration your able to set the Tag Configuration.

The Tag Configuration allows you to configure additional settings for individual tags on a template. These settings will be applied and enforced when the template is copied.

The Tag Configuration provides the following configuration options:

  • To what type the content with which the tag is replaced should be restricted, see Tag Formats.

  • Whether the user copying the template must provide a value to replace the tag with or not.

  • Setting an additional description text for the tag to be shown in the replacement dialog when the template is copied.

Your also able to set the same settings with the Tag Description Macro. The Tag Description Macro overwrites the Tag Configuration.

Tag formats

It allows the following types of inputs.


When setting the tags format to standard, the user copying the template can supply any text with which the tag is replaced.


Tags of the user format will ask for existing Confluence users when being replaced. The user names will be displayed in default Confluence rich text, such as Lisa for example.


Date tags require a valid date to be entered into the replacement. The date will be displayed in default Confluence rich text, such as 01 Jan 2020 for example.


A tag set to the link format will be replaced with a functional link to another Confluence page or an external web page.

Multi Line

The multiline format makes it easy to have the tag replaced with multiple lines of text.

Single Line

Setting the tag format to single line restricts the replacement value to a single line of text.


When the dropdown format is selected, the user can choose one or multiple items from a dropdown menu in the replacement dialog. The selectable values can be defined directly in the Tag Description Macro. See Dropdown Format Parameters.


The regex format forces the user to choose a replacement text that matches a regular expression defined directly in the Tag Description Macro. See Regex Format Parameters.


The counter tag works in the same way as ConsecutiveTags. What the counter tag adds in is the location where it counts up. See Counter Format Parameters.


When setting the tags format to page, the replacement has to be a valid page. The tag is replaced with a hyperlink to the chosen page




Tag Key

The tag you want to configure


Select what format you want the tag to be

  • Standard

  • User

  • Date

  • Link

  • Page

  • Multi Line

  • Single Line

  • Dropdown

  • Regex

  • Counter


If checked, an input is required for this tag


Describes the functionality of the tag


Remove Tag Configuration for the specific tag

Reuse Replacement

When instantiating the template a second time it uses the replacement value from the earlier instantiation (If available on the target space)

Editable on Reuse

Lets the user change the replacement

Only appears when Dropdown Format is selected



Select Options

Values entered here will show up in the replacement form as a dropdown list. Drag and Drop to sort options

Multi Select

If checked, multiple options can be selected during replacement


Appears only if multi select is checked. Enter a desired separator which will be used to separate the different options after replacement

Invalid characters as Seperator: 

!, #, &, (, ), *, ,, ., :, ;, <, >, ?, @, [, ], ^

Only appears when Regex Format is selected




A regular expression to match the replacement input

Only appears when Counter Format is selected



Count-up Location

Target Space

 If a template with the tag is copied to another space the counter restarts

Source Space

Whenever a template with the tag is copied, the corresponding counter is incremented by one. Regardless of whether or not the template is copied to another space

Counter Prefix

Set a prefix to the counter

Counter Postfix

Set a postfix to the counter

Current Count

Set a start value for the counter (if it does not exist yet!)

Number of digits

Set how many digits the replacement will have (left pad with 0s)

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