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Standard Tags

The tag-marker is configurable in the Page Tree Creator settings. In the standard configuration they are double underscores: __tag__

When using the Page Tree Creator, any tag from the source page tree/template is displayed in the replacement form and will be replaced with the user input.

Default Tags

Default Tags can be inserted like the normal tags, but get replaced automatically and don't appear in the replacement dialog.

Default Tag

Example Replacement



Johnny Testhand

Inserts the current user


17 Jun 2019

Inserts the current date



Inserts the current time



Inserts the current country



Inserts the current year



Inserts the current day of the week, e.g. Monday, Tuesday...



Inserts the current day within the month, e.g. 15



Inserts the current week number, e.g. 29



Inserts the current month as string, e.g. April



Inserts the current month as number, e.g. 8


__Englisch__ PTC Tags and Macros __5.0_Version__

Inserts the title of the template page


Page Tree Creator Template Space

Inserts the space of the template page



Inserts the version of the template page


Johnny Testhand

Inserts the user, which created the template page


Johnny Testhand

Inserts the user, which has most recently edited the template page


12 Jun 2019

Inserts the modification date of the template page


Page Tree Creator

Inserts the title of the space the original page belongs to



Inserts the key of the space the original page belongs to


Page Tree Creator Documentation

Inserts the title of the space the new page is created in



Inserts the key of the space the new page is created in

Consecutive Tags

Consecutive Tags allow you to have a tag automatically replaced by the value of a running counter.
Each tag has its own counter, which is automatically incremented by one whenever a template containing the corresponding tag is copied.

There are two options to use consecutive tags

Consecutive tags in Template Spaces

Consecutive tags can be set up in a PTC template space. Whenever a template with the consecutive tag is copied from the template space, the corresponding counter is incremented by one and the current value is used to replace the tag in the page.

Consecutive tags in Normal Spaces

Normal non template spaces can make use of consecutive tags as well. When a normal space has its own consecutive tags, any template copied into it will have its matching tags replaced with the current value of the corresponding counter.

Note that consecutive tags with the same tag names can be added to both the template space from where a template is copied, and the space where the new copy is created. In this case the counter in the target space will always take precedence, and the counter in the template space remains unchanged.

Setup of consecutive tags

In order to set up consecutive tags in a space, access their settings via the space tools.

Add a new consecutive tag to the space by clicking the add button.

Enter the name of the tag to be replaced and hit save.

A new consecutive tag has been created and can now be used.

Further settings

Consecutive tags allow for further customization by the user. Those options can be accessed via the settings in the space tools.


A constant prefix made from any text can be added. This Prefix will always be prepended to the counter value when replacing a tag.

Counter Start

The counter setting allows for basic customization of the tags counter. The number set in the counter field is the value from where the counter will start counting. Furthermore, by adding leading zeros, one can set the minimum number of digits used to print the counters value when replacing tags.


As with the Prefix, a constant postfix can be appended to the counter value when replacing tags.

Cascaded Tags

Sometimes it might be necessary to prevent a tag from being replaced when the templates is first copied, only to replace it when creating another copy of the first one.
In such a case, the tag name is simply surrounded by double tag markers, as follows: ____tagName____

When the template containing the cascaded tag is copied for the first time, the outer markers are removed, leaving a standard tag in the created copy.
Once this new page is copied again, the standard tag can then be replaced with whatever value is required.

The copying sequence can be made as long as needed by surrounding the tag by additional tag markers, one per additional copy.

Template Sticker

Template Stickers special tags added to the template pages title in order to mark templates and differentiate them from normal pages. The Sticker will automatically omitted when copying a template.
By default, the template sticker is set to the following tag: _Template

However, it can be changed freely in the general configuration settings of PTC General Settings

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