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PTC Template Instantiation

There are three different ways to create new content with the Page Tree Creator

  1. Create from a template

  2. Copy Page Tree (via Tools Menu)

  3. The PTC Button Macro

Instantiate a template

Create from Template

PTC templates can be used anywhere to add new content.

  1. Open dialog via Create ... button in the header

  2. Select requested Template

  3. In the next window, a target space has to be selected. If no target page is selected, the new content will be on top level of the target space.

  4. Next steps are described in the Replacement Dialog

Copy Page Tree (via Tools Menu)

The tools menu entries available depend on the Page Tree Creator configuration as well as the personal permissions on the current location. For further information reference the part about Configuration and Permissions.

This option starts the copy process of a page tree. The current page (and all its children) serve as template. The advanced options available are described in the section about the Replacement Dialog

The PTC Button Macro

The Page Tree Creator Button can be inserted on any regular Confluence page. If you use the Page Tree Creator Button inside a template, be sure to check out the Important Notes.

  1.  Go to the page on which the PTC Button was created.

  2.  Click on the button.

    • Opens the Select a Target dialog, where you can define the Target Space and page (if the Target Page input parameter was left blank, while editing the button )

    • On the next page you can replace tags.

  3. Click on Create. This will automatically bring you to the newly created page tree

Buttons in Templates

If a Page Tree Creator Button is placed in a template, the source page and the target page get automatically updated for the newly created page tree.

  • Referenced page is copied if the source/target page is a reference to a page inside the template itself, the newly created page/copied page will be the new referenced page

    • Reference page is not copied if the source/target page is not part of the template, the reference will not be updated and points always to the same page

    • Button is wrapped by a Ignore Macro if the Page Tree Creator Button is placed inside a Page Tree Creator Ignore Macro, all the parameters will be conserved

Multiple Buttons on Single Page

If you have multiple Page Tree Creator Buttons on a single page, be aware of the fact, that the button identity is determined by button name and source page id.

Defining the same name and source page for a Page Tree Creator Button can lead to undefined behavior!

Create Wizard

The Create Wizard will be displayed when instantiating a template by tools menu, PTC button or Confluence create dialog.

Depending of the use case, the options displayed differ.

You can choose to skip Select a Target and Select Pages in the template details and the PTC button configuration.

Select a Target

Can be skipped in the PTC button configuration.

The button besides the Target Page field allows to select a specific page from the Target Space.

Select Pages

This page only shows up, if the page that is being copied has child pages. It can be skipped in the PTC button configuration or the template details. It is also possible to set mandatory child pages.

Loading Tags from Page

After all pages to copy have been selected, PTC will search for tags to be replaced in them. This process may take a moment. Once all pages have been searched, the wizard will automatically continue to the next step.

Replace Tags

Tag Sorting

Keep your tags organized with the Tag Sorting feature

This wizard step is always displayed.  On the right you see a demonstration of the available Tag Formats.

Copying pages

Once all tags have been assigned their replacement values, PTC will start processing and copying the templates. This step may take a while, depending on how many pages are copied.

Template Statistics

Template Statistics lists you the pages which were instantiated from the given template, it reports by whom and when.

  1. Select the template you want to see its usage statistics

  2. Open the popup dialog on the top right

  3. Go to the Statistics tab

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