Step 1: Add a PTC Create Issue Automation macro to your PTC Template or any Confluence page

Following the guide Create a Simple PTC Template

Step 2: Configure the PTC Create Issue Automation macro

Configure for example the macro like below with Placeholders.

  • Project Key → __Project Key__

  • Issuetype Id → __Issue Type__

  • Issue Summary → __Summary__

Save your page

Note: This are the minimum required configurations you need.

Step 3: Instantiate your new template with the PTC app

  • Use the Create Pages or Create Space Button

    • Also possible in the tools-menu on the right, Copy Page Tree or Create Space

    • Select a target and pages and click next

  • In the Replace Placeholder dialog, you can see the placeholders __Project Key__ and __Issue type__

  • Now you can select a Jira project, and then the issue type. The issue types may vary for different projects.

  • As soon as you select an Issue Type, all other associated fields for that particular issue type are loaded into the Replace Placeholder dialog.

    • For example Summary

    • All fields that are required in Jira

    • Added fields in the PTC Create Issue Automation macro (see below)

  • Fill out the fields and click “Create”

Final Result

On the new page, you will now find a Jira macro that links the Confluence page to the Jira issue:

On the Jira issue you can find a section “Issue Links” → “Description Page” there is your link to the Confluence Page.