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Release Notes

Because we can’t control the plugin versions in cloud, we reference the date when releases were made.

17.04.2024 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Wizard Customization through Buttons

  • Create Space and Create Page Tree Button editors are split up into two tabs

  • The General tab is responsible for what is to be copied

  • The Customize Wizard tab is responsible for what is displayed in the Wizard

Wizard Improvements

  • Create Space and Create Page Tree Wizards will skip all empty dialogs

  • Placeholder Replacement screen will only show up if there are placeholders to be replaced

  • Page Selection screen will only show up if a tree is selected as source, not for single pages

  • New wizard end-screen that lets you choose whether you want to go to the created page or stay on the current page

Easy Dropdown Menu Compatibility (EDM)

Fixed Bugs

  • Hide Disabled Button was wrongly hiding the button in edit mode of the page instead of only in view mode

  • Pages from exempt view spaces were not selectable as source pages for all users

  • Links in the general settings were broken

  • Automated space key generation sometimes generated duplicated space keys

  • Copy options were only shown in the wizard if they were not set to the default value

  • Label placeholders always showed up in the wizard even if not wanted

  • Macro migration failed to set correct page id’s in source and target field of buttons

  • Confluence links on pages were sometimes breaking after copying a page tree

  • Special Letters â, ê, î, ô, û … were not shown correctly if they were written in a dropdown option of the placeholder configuration macro

28.12.2023 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Smaller features

  • Remove border around buttons in the edit mode

Fixed Bugs

  • Excerpt Include Macro breaks after copying

  • Macros didn’t hide completely if so configured

18.08.2023 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Cascaded Placeholders

  • Allows users to create templates for templates by enclosing placeholders in multiple layers of placeholder markers

  • See Cascaded Placeholders for more information

Placeholder Configuration Macro in source ancestor hierarchy

  • Add placeholder configuration macro on the parent page and it will automatically work for all children as well

Smaller features

  • Added copy restrictions option

  • Added copy labels option

Fixed Bugs

  • Page title collision doesn’t work in multiple cases

  • Server to Cloud migration of the placeholder configuration macro didn’t correctly migrate the format-id parameter of older PTC Server versions

  • Incorrect validation and error message displaying

  • Blank target isn’t working as @self

  • Special characters in placeholders break the replacing

  • Links not working with default value macro

  • Incorrect date calculation

06.02.2023 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Compatibility with Excerpt and Excerpt Include macros


  • Support german and english translations

Added accepted values for target page

  • empty target page

  • @self can be used for target page

Fixed Bugs

  • Issues with permission handling

  • Default value macro doesn’t work with user picker

  • Page references weren’t updated after copying

  • Page title resolution doesn’t work for titles with suffixes

  • Multiple server to cloud migration issues

    • Wrong macro migration mapping for button, default value & placeholder configuration macros

    • Flawed saving of migration progress

    • Placeholders in macro parameters weren’t found

18.11.2022 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Smaller features

  • UI improvements (when going back a step in wizard don’t lose filled in values, styling)

  • Added watch pages option

  • Math in date placeholders

  • User type placeholder

EDM Compatibility

  • Copy EDM space sets from source space when instantiating new space

Multi button macro

Migration path from server to cloud (version 1)

  • Automated path with Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

    • Macro migration in pages and templates

    • Placeholder migration in pages and templates

    • Automated settings migration from server to cloud

  • Settings can also be manually exported for import in Cloud

Fixed Bugs

  • Issues with permission handling

  • Not all intended date formats worked in the default value macro

  • Date placeholder breaks newly crested page if empty

  • No error message if placeholder in title is empty

  • Placeholders in code snipped macros didn’t work as intended

14.09.2022 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Smaller features

  • Autogenerate a unique space key

  • Regex placeholder

Settings features

  • Template sticker

  • User becomes admin

  • Exempt create space permission

  • Exempt view

Button macro features

  • Macro preview

  • Copy space favorite

  • Copy space permissions

  • Copy page templates

  • Copy attachments

  • Hide disabled button

  • Permitted groups

Placeholder configuration macro

Fixed Bugs

  • Issues with page title resolution

  • Label placeholder doesn’t work correctly

  • Default target space key gets removed when typing new space name

  • Security settings won’t load if a deleted space is still specified

  • Placeholders in links aren’t recognized

  • Not correct order in page selection screen

10.05.2022 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Smaller features

  • Split up configuration page in general and security settings

  • Page selection screen

  • Added copy without replacing option

  • Added copy space labels option

Ignore placeholder macro

Default value macro

Fixed Bugs

  • Placeholders with special characters don’t work

  • Date placeholders in titles don’t work correctly

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