What is the Create Space Button Macro?

The “Create Page Tree Button” macro creates a new Space from the template. Parameters that can be configured are explained in the next section.

How to use the PTC Button Macro

The Page Tree Creator Button can be inserted on any regular Confluence page. For more information visit Template Usage section.




Button Name

Give your button a name, special characters and placeholders are allowed.

Source Page

Specifies the root page of your template. This template is a normal confluence page. When the button is clicked, the root page and all its children are used as template for the new page tree.

  • This field is required.

  • "@self" uses the current page as root page. You can also use the final page name.

For all other pages, there are two ways in which to define the source page:

  1. Search for the page in the search box. Results are displayed as: PAGE_TITLE (SPACE_NAME). Select the desired page. After selection, the source page will be displayed as SPACE_KEY:PAGE_TITLE

  2. Search via Page ID. Whenever a Page ID is used as a search query, the corresponding page will be displayed as a search result.

  3. Input the desired Space Key and Page Title combination directly into the search box and click "Create "INPUT_TEXT"". The syntax for this is: SPACE_KEY:PAGE_TITLE.

Top Page Labels

Labels which are applied to the root page of the new space. Separate multiple labels with commas.

Placeholders are also allowed, which you will be able to replace when using the button.

Hide Disabled Button

Hides the button completely for non permitted users.

Selected Groups

Choose Groups which are allowed to use the Create Space Button.

Space Title Instruction

Set a Space Title instruction which is displayed below the “Target space name*” field in the “Select a Target” window when clicking the Button.

Space Key Instruction

Set a Space Key instruction which is displayed below the “Target space key*” field in the “Select a Target” window when clicking the Button.

Copy Space Permissions

Space Permissions set for this space will be applied to the newly created one. When unchecked, default Space Permissions apply.

Due to limitations of Confluence, Space Permissions, can only be copied by administrators. If a non-admin uses a button, in which Copy Space Permissions is checked, default permissions will apply instead.