Administrator settings

After successfully installing Easy Confluence Translator, you can access machine translation API settings via the Confluence administration page, as seen below.

Setting up translation API services

Easy Confluence currently supports the following translation services:

Ensure that your Confluence server can connect to the following URLs for Easy Confluence Translator to work:

If you are using proxies or firewalls, you may have to configure those to allow connection to these services to pass through.

If you are using an outbound (forward) HTTP proxy, make sure your Confluence Server is properly configured to use the proxy by setting the correct system properties. See How to Configure Outbound HTTP and HTTPS Proxy for your Atlassian application

Doing so ensures that Easy Confluence Translator will use the configured Proxy to connect to remote Translation APIs.

Check API Usage

Most Translation API services enforce certain upper limits for the number of characters translated per billing period. It is therefore useful for administrators to periodically check how much of the available quota is still available and how much was already used.

To do this, open the Easy Confluence Translator configuration page and click the Show Usage button for the respective API. You can then check the current usage information in the appearing status flag, like the example below.