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Before you get started

Easy Translator for Confluence leverages external machine translation services to translate your content. To do so, ensure you have setup the required accounts for those services that you intend to use, or use the built-in evaluation service, providing a limited amount of translations free of charge to allow for easy testing of Easy Translator for Confluence.

See API configuration to correctly setup Easy Translator for Confluence for use.

If you are evaluating Easy Translator for Confluence, ensure you've completed the steps in Evaluation translation service.

To follow the steps in this guide, you will require some Easy Translator for Confluence permissions. If you do not have a certain permission or are not sure, check the Access control and permissions settings or contact your Confluence administrator.

Add allowed URLs to the allowlist

To add a URL to the allowlist:

  1. Go to Administration  > General Configuration > Allowlist

  2. Enter the URL you want to allow.

  3. Choose the Type of expression (Domain name).

  4. Choose Add

Your URL or expression appears in the allowlist.

Here are the URLs you will need to allow:

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