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Setup with a DeepL account

To use DeepL as the machine translation service with Easy Translator for Confluence, ensure that your Confluence server can open connection to and You may have to adjust proxy and firewall settings to allow those requests to pass through.

Setting up DeepL

To use DeepL as a machine translation service, you will require a DeepL API plan. Refer to DeepL API plan for further details. Both DeepL API Free and DeepL API Pro are supported. DeepL privacy policy

There are DeepL plans which don’t provide access to the DeepL API. Ensure to choose a plan which includes DeepL API access.

Once you have set up your subscription, insert your API key into the field in the settings, and choose the languages you wish to be enabled.

DeepL API configurations | Image

To check your setup is correct, hit save and then click on the Show Usage button. You will see an information flag appear showing the number of characters used up during this billing period.

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