Migrating from Server to Cloud


  • Have the Easy Dropdown Menu installed on your Confluence Cloud instance.

  • Have the Easy Dropdown Menu version 6.5.2 or higher installed on your Confluence Server instance


To migrate your configurations to your cloud instance, select the EDM in the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant. This automatically migrates your global configurations and all space configurations from the spaces you selected. In case a set already exists on your cloud instance, it won’t be added again. However, if this set has differences to the server one, both sets will be merged.

If something went wrong during the migration or you want to update already migrated configurations, you can also do this manually. In this case, go to the global EDM configurations on your server instance and click on the export button. This exports the configuration from the spaces you select including global and gives you a json file to download. Afterwards you can import this file in your cloud instance via the import button in the global configuration migration section.

In a second step you have to migrate all your server macros. After the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant is finished, the EDM macros on your migrated pages as well as the Page Property Reports with EDM filters won’t work yet, because they have a different schema on cloud. To migrate your macros, simply go to the global EDM configuration and in the migration section, you will find the button to start migrating your macros to the correct schema. If something went wrong and some pages failed to migrate, you can use the button multiple times.

If the macro migration fails because of the space permissions, please add the needed default group site-admins with all permissions. Migrated spaces don’t have the default groups added automatically.

If there exist restricted pages where the EDM hasn’t view/edit permission for, these pages won’t be found by the migration. Please give the EDM the needed permissions to update them as well.

In cloud we are only able to chain five EDM Filters with an AND in a query due to confluence cloud limitations. If you have Page Property Reports that chain more than five, you will need to adjust them (set the cloud filters) manually.

Also due to confluence cloud limitations, it is not possible to nest AND keywords inside an OR structure in Page Property Report Macros. These queries will be migrated to only OR chained filters. E.g. ((“Yes” AND “Maybe”), “No”) → (“Yes”, “Maybe”, “No”)

If you have some more questions or an issue with migrating the EDM, please create a ticket in our Service Desk and we will gladly assist you.