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Release Notes

Because we can’t control the plugin versions in cloud, we reference the date when releases were made.

08.07.2024 - Improvements and Bugfix Release


  • Migration supports new colors from the Server/DC colorpicker

  • Fixed unlimited width in Predefined and Not Predefined macros when multiselect

Fixed Bugs

  • Border of status options when subtle not showing correct

  • Macro not aligning with text and other macros

  • Fixed issue where create page functionality failed on spaces with anonymous access

  • Fixed issue where EDM filters in Page Property Report macro didn’t worked

  • Fixed issue where usage of set is not automatically updated when an option was changed on a page

28.12.2023 - Feature, Improvements and Bugfix Release

Smaller Improvements

  • UI Improvements for Dropdowns

  • New Icons in macro editor to get directly to our Documentation or Service Desk

  • Improve performance when updating/publishing page with Edit-mode macros

Fixed Bugs

  • Wrong option rendering in Table Filter macro

27.09.2022 - Feature, Improvements and Bugfix Release

Option Search in Status Dropdown

  • Search through the available status options

Smaller Improvements

  • Groups in the EDM Permissions are alphabetically sorted

  • Improved UI in the space configuration

  • New descriptions in the macro search

  • Improved macro height and width for better readability

  • Smaller UI improvements

Fixed Bugs

  • Wizard of edit-mode was too short

  • Last option of status set will not get deleted

  • When referenced locked option is on, the status macro will get a scrollbar inside the page property macro

12.06.2022 - Improvements Release

Smaller Improvements

  • Select up to 1000 spaces at once at the EDM Migration

  • Performance of space retrieval improved tenfold

15.05.2022 - Improvements and Bugfix Release

Smaller Improvements

  • Creating new options with the ENTER key

  • Automatic height when macro is too long

Fixed Bugs

  • Not all groups are listed in the Permission section of the EDM Configurations

  • Space Sets are unavailable in Space Templates

  • Renavigating pages does not display previous changes

28.12.2022 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Set History Feature

  • Can view the five most recent changes made to the set

  • Can restore deleted set options

Fixed Bugs

  • Set usage throws error when set nowhere used

  • Wrong documentation link in migration section

29.11.2022 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Set Usage Feature

  • Displays a list of all places (space and page name) where the set is used

Multiple UI Improvements

Fixed Bugs

  • Blank option in multiselect dropdown

  • EDM doesn’t work in blogposts

14.07.2022 - Feature Release

Improved Server to Cloud Migration

  • Added migration for page property reports with EDM filters

Set Restoration Feature

  • Will go over whole instance and rebuild all used EDM sets

30.06.2022 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Improved Server to Cloud Migration

  • Added migration for templates with EDM macros


  • Support german and english translations

Fixed Bugs

  • Can change dropdown even if user has no edit permissions for the page

  • Initial dropdown values aren’t recognized in page property reports

  • Macro migration fails if user is missing some space permissions

04.05.2022 - Feature and Bugfix Release

New Macro Parameters

  • Blank option

  • Custom multiselect separator

  • Content reference lock

Fixed Bugs

  • group permissions don’t work

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