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The Page Tree Creator creates a new page tree (result) on the basis of a source page tree (template). The template may include several Tags which can be replaced upon creation of the new page tree. This happens in the Create Wizard.

Using the Page Tree Creator

There are three possible ways to create new content with Page Tree Creator:

via Button allows the end user to create documents and structures at the touch of a button, without having to worry about any details such as template or target location.

via Create Dialog allows dynamic creation of content based on different sets of templates.

via Tools Menu allows the end user to comfortably create templates and pages using the Copy Page Tree and Create Template options.

via Button

The Page Tree Creator button is a Confluence macro which can be inserted in any page. The button parameters allow you to choose a source template, the target location as well as other configurations.


via Create Dialog

Like any other Confluence template and blueprint, your PTC templates are available in the Confluence create dialog.

To configure which templates are available on which spaces, have a look at the Page Tree Creator Categories documentation.


via Tools Menu

In the Tools Menu you will find two ways to use the Page Tree Creator. Copy Page Tree or Create Template. Both options will start the process with the current page as the template/root page.

The elements that are displayed will depend on the configuration and permission of the user.

Copy Page Tree...

Create Template...

PTC Templates

PTC Templates are shown in the Confluence create dialog and can be formed from already existing Confluence pages via Tools menu - Create Template or when using the New Template option in the Confluence create dialog.

A template is any Confluence page tree with tags located in a template space as a child of a category page.

Learn more about creating a new template and using your templates to create new content.

PTC Template Space

After installing Page Tree Creator, you will need to start off with setting up a new template space. There can be multiple template spaces.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of PTC and have updated/want to update, read our article: Update from version 4

Different Tags

Tags are words within the document that appear with markers on either side of the word (Example: "__word__"). The tags are replaced with words of your choice throughout the entire document. The same tag may appear several times in the page tree.

Tags can be used in page titles, macro parameters, labels, URLs and attachment names!

Example: "__Name__" can be replaced with your name "John Smith"
Every "__Name__" tag that is in the document will be replaced with "John Smith.

Note: In the default settings, the tag marker corresponds to a double underscore "__", but this can be configured to your choice of marker.

Default Tags

Default tags are tags which are automatically replaced and don't appear in the replace dialog. These tags are general tags that apply to every document.

For a full list of all available default tags click on the link on the bottom of this section.

Examples: "__current_date__", "__date_last_modified__", "__current_user__" etc

Consecutive Tags

Insert a consecutive number which is counted up each time a template is instantiated. This use is perfect for project numbers.

Template Sticker

The template sticker can be used in the page title to mark templates. It is configured in the Page Tree Creator settings and is automatically removed upon creation of your new document.

Example: "_Template Page Title" becomes "Page Title" after creations.


Page Tree Creator Macros

PTC Button

Places a button on the page in which a source and a target are defined.


PTC Multi Button Macro

With a click on the PTC Multi Button a dialog with multiple PTC Buttons appears.


PTC Ignore Tags

Complex templates may include tags, links or references which should not be modified. Just wrap them with an PTC Ignore Macro.


PTC Default Value

The macro body is automatically filled in as default value for the corresponding tag in the replacement form.


PTC Tag Description

Assign a special format to a tag.

The macro body is displayed as description in the replacement form.



Necessary for using confluence JIRA Macros


PTC Template Statistics

Create a statistic about your template usages. Filter your usages by template space category, template page label and template target space category.


PTC Exclude Content Macro

Exclude content when creating new documents with the Page Tree Creator.


Type "{ptc " in edit mode and the macro browser will display all available Page Tree Creator Macros

The Create Wizard

When instantiating a template, the create wizard provides you with the necessary forms to enter the data and replace any tags. The process consists of the following steps:

Note: Depending on PTC button and template configuration, some steps might be skipped

Template Selection

Allows you to select the desired template.
Only active when opening the confluence create from template dialog

Target Selection

Allows you to select where the new page tree should be created

Page Selection

Allows you to choose which of the template pages should be copied or left out

Tag Replacement

Allows you to enter replacements for each tag in the template


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