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PTC Templates

What is a Template?

A Page Tree Creator Template is basically any Confluence page, you can pre-made and modify with our PTC Placeholders and macros. Overall with the PTC Template Macro you can set specific template settings, for example that’s show up in the Create Dialog from Confluence.

With the key feature  PTC Placeholder PTC Placeholder you can set placeholders in your page that should or must replace in the copy process.

For examples you can visit our Use-Cases or if you need more information about a specific macro you can go to the PTC Macros - Documentation.

What is a Template marker?

The key different between a placeholder marker and a template marker is that a template marker is just in the front of the template page title. This provides to identify a template pages. When you copy the page or even the page tree this template marker will be removed after the instantiation of the page.


Template page title

  • _Template My new page

After creation new page title

  • My new page

You can also combine this with a PTC Placeholder

Template page title

  • _Template __Project__

After replace the placeholder in the creation process with the input ‘Project X’

After creation new Page title

  • Project X

Template marker setting

For this you need Admin permission

If you would like to have another Template marker you can customize it, like the Placeholder Marker.

The default marker is as following “_Template” they are changeable in the admin section General Setting.

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