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The Page Tree Creator plugin gives you the ability to define a page tree as a template (blueprint) to create bigger projects with a single click. You even have the possibility to define several placeholders which will be replaced during the copy process, with a value of your choice.

Using the Page Tree Creator

There are two possible ways to create new content with the Page Tree Creator:

via the button macro

The Page Tree Creator button is a PTC macro which can be inserted in any page. The button parameters allow you to choose a source template, the target location as well as other configurations.

For more information visit the button macro section.

via the tools menu

Select the option Copy Page Tree under the tools menu dropdown.

For a detailed explanation visit the template usage section.

Different Placeholders

Placeholders can be used in page titles, macro parameters, labels, URLs and attachment names!

Example: "$$Name$$" can be replaced with your name "John Smith"
Every "$$Name$$" placeholder that is in the document will be replaced with "John Smith.

In the default settings, the placeholder marker corresponds to a double dollar sign "$$", but this can be configured to your choice of marker.

Default Placeholders

Default placeholders are values which are automatically replaced and don't appear in the replace dialog. These placeholders are general placeholders that apply to every document.

Examples: "$$Current_Date$$", "$$Current_Time$$", "$$Source_Space_Title$$" etc.

For a full list of all available default placeholders visit the placeholder section.

Page Tree Creator Macros

Type "/ptc " in edit mode and the macro browser will display all available Page Tree Creator Macros

For more information about the PTC macros visit the macro section.

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