Page <TITLE> could not be copied due to unmigrated macros. Please edit and save <TITLE> to migrate it manually. You can find more information about this issue in our documentation.

Macros are updated from time to time (i.e. more parameters are added). In some edge cases, an unmigrated macro can cause this error.

To resolve this issue, please edit the page and save it (without need to make any changes to it manually). This migrates all macros to their current version. Afterwards, you should be able to use PTC again.

For more details, please see this ticket at Atlassian JIRA:

The macro (PTC Button) doesn't show up

There is an issue regarding the update of the macro list for your browser. Normally, the new macros should appear a few minutes after installing the app. If not you can try the following steps:

  1. Delete the cache for Confluence in your browser and refresh the page.

  2. Open Confluence in an incognito window.

For more details, please see this ticket at Atlassian JIRA:

Duplicate pages were returned by Confluence

There is a known issue with Confluence where certain pages that are attempted to be copied, are attempted to be copied twice. Part of the same issue is that some selected pages don’t copy at all. This usually only happens for page trees with >=27 pages in them.

A workaround has been implemented, which may cause the copied page tree’s pages to be out of their original order, but copies all pages. The workaround is not foolproof. However, if duplicate pages are attempted to be copied even in the case of the workaround, you will be notified with an error message. We are working with Atlassian to fix the issue.

Page title conflict caused by view-restricted pages

A feature of the Page Tree Creator is to resolve page titles to a unique title within a space when posting the pages if a page title conflict would have otherwise been caused by the Copy Page Tree process. If a page in the target space has a view restriction on it and the PTC can not view the page, the PTC has no way of knowing what the title of the page is, and thus can’t resolve the titles of copied pages correctly.

If a copied page causes a page title conflict in this scenario, the way to resolve the problem is to add the Page Tree Creator as a viewer on the page. The PTC can then see the relevant pages in the target space and correctly resolve the page titles.

I need help with setting up the PTC / I need to report a bug

We are always very grateful for any bug reports or questions. Please feel free to open a new ticket on our Service Desk.