This page shows the planned development roadmap for PTC Cloud.


  • 2022/Q3

    • New basic features in PTC Cloud to match basic features in PTC Server

      • Ported Macros

        • Placeholder Macro (Regex, Dropdown)

        • Default Value Macro

        • Exclude Content Macro

        • Ignore Placeholder Macro

      • Page Selection when copy page or create space

    • Additional features for existing PTC Buttons

      • Create Page Tree Button

      • Create Space Button

    • Permission and security settings

  • 2022/Q4

    • Automated Migration Path Server → Cloud

      • Includes all ported features

      • Placeholder marker search & replace on template pages

    • New features in PTC Cloud to match most features in PTC Server

      • Placeholder Types (User)

      • New Macro

        • Template Macro

        • Multi Button Macro

      • PTC Templates in Confluence Create Dialog

  • 2023/Q1

    • New features in PTC Cloud to match advanced features in PTC Server

      • More Placeholder Types (Counter, Page..)

      • New Macros

        • Template Page Macro

  • Later

    • Comala document management compatibility

    • PTC Create issue automation macro

Not Planned

For these features it is not yet decided if they will be ported to the Cloud version. Contact us on our service desk for any questions.

  • Third party app integration

    • Refined Theme integration in Create Space Button

    • Enterprise theme integration

    • Easy Confluence Variables

    • PTC & STC Insight Extension