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Development Roadmap

This page shows the planned development roadmap for PTC Cloud.


  • 2023/Q3

    • Cascaded Placeholders

    • Placeholder Configuration Macro can be placed in parent page

    • Create Wizard Improvements

      • copy restrictions option

      • copy labels option

  • 2023/Q4

    • Template Macro

  • 2024/Q1

    • Create issue Automation Macro

  • Later

    • Comala document management compatibility

    • Template Page Macro

    • Statistics Macro

Not Planned

For these features it is not yet decided if they will be ported to the Cloud version. Contact us on our service desk for any questions.

  • Third party app integration

    • Refined Theme integration in Create Space Button

    • Enterprise theme integration

    • Easy Confluence Variables

    • PTC & STC Insight Extension

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