Step 1: Create your template

  1. Go to any existing Confluence page or create a new page

  2. Add a title and finish up the body of your template, add placeholders where you need them

  3. Add as many sub pages as you need

Step 2: Create a second template

  1. Repeat steps in A to create your second template

  2. Add a PTC Create Page Tree Button Macro to your second template

    1. Configure the Button and select your first created template (from Step 1) as the source page

    2. Do not select a target page in the Button to add the new pages as sub pages

  3. Add a PTC Default Value Macro to the same page on which the Create Page Tree Button Macro is

    1. Configure the Default Value Macro and add a placeholder that you added to your first created template (from Step 1)

    2. Configure the Default Value Macro and set if you want to hide the Default Value Macro body content in view mode of the page and if the placeholder value should be editable in the Replace Placeholders Dialog and click Insert

    3. Fill the macro body with a placeholder (e.g $$project number$$)

  4. Save your page

Step 3: Instantiate your second template

  1. Use copy page tree or create space to instantiate the template (PTC Template usage )

  2. Select replacement values for the placeholder


Part 3 can now be executed as many times as wanted and the default values are always set automatically.

Step 4: Instantiate your primary template

  1. Use the button of the page you just created

  2. Now the default values for the placeholders are already set