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Reuse Placeholder Values (PRO)

Basic Usage

Part 1: Create two templates

Follow the guide Create a Simple PTC Template.

  1. One template with one or more PTC Default Value macros

    • Example: page title “Meeting notes”

    • Example: PTC Default Value macro configuration:

      • Parameter Placeholder: $$project$$

      • Macro body content: $$project$$

  2. Second template with placeholders as in the PTC Default Value macro of the other template

    • Example: page title “Meeting $$current_date$$”

    • Example: page body will contain the placeholder $$project$$

Part 2: Instantiate first template (e.g. “Meeting notes”)

  1. Chose any target

  2. Replace your placeholders

    • Example replace $$project$$ with “Project Alpha”

  3. Check out your newly created page

Part 3: Instantiate second template(e.g. “Meeting $$current_date$$”)

  1. Chose your newly created page as the target page ( “Meeting x.z.y”will be child of “Meeting Notes”)

  2. Replace your placeholder

    • Example: project will already have the default value “Project Alpha”

  3. Check out your newly created page

  4. Repeat Part 3 as many times as you like

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Improved Usage

A placeholder inside the Default Value Macro body allows you to dynamically set the default value

Part 1: Create your template

Follow the guide Create a Simple PTC Template.

Part 2: Create a second template

  1. Add a PTC Create Pages Button to a page (or as many as you like)

    1. Select your first created template as the source page

    2. Don’t select a Target to add the new pages as subpages

  2. Add a PTC Default Value Macro to the same page

    1. For a placeholder you used in your template

    2. Select if you want to be able to edit the placeholder in replacement dialog

    3. Fill the macro body with a placeholder (e.g $$project number$$)

  3. Save

Part 3: Instantiate your second template

  1. Use copy page tree or create space to instantiate the template

  2. Select replacement values for the placeholder


Part 3 can now be executed as many times as liked and the default values are always set automatically.

Part 4: Instantiate your primary template

  1. Use the button of the page you just created

  2. Now the default value for the placeholders are already set

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