The Create Wizard will be displayed when instantiating a template by tools menu or PTC button.

Depending of the use case, the options displayed differ.

1 - Select a Target

  1. Choose a space: Choose a target space. Search for a Space by either:

    1. Space Name

    2. Space Key

  2. Choose a page: Search for a Target Page within the chosen Target Space. Search for a Page by either:

    1. Page Title

    2. Page ID

  3. Page title prefix: Define a prefix to be added to all pages copied. Leave empty to add no prefix

  4. Copy attachments: Toggle whether or not to copy attachments attached to content.

  5. Copy without replacing: Toggle whether or not to replace placeholders during the copy process

Select a Target | Image

2 - Select Pages

  • Select the pages that should be in the final page tree

Select Pages | Image

3 - Replace Placeholders

  • Enter replacement values for your placeholders

  • Here you can see a demonstration of the available placeholder formats

Replace Placeholders | Image

4 - Copying pages

Once all placeholders have been assigned their replacement values, PTC will start processing and copying the templates. This step may take a while, depending on how many pages are copied.

Copy Page | Image