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Button Macro

To sign a document using the Button Macro, install the app, and use the macro in the macro browser. This macro won't be printed to a PDF or to a Microsoft Word file. The Button Macro is just to use within Confluence. If you want to print who signed the button(s), you have to use the Button State Macro.

Macro Parameters



Button Name (Required)

Define the name of this button.

Permitted Users

Choose from the dropdown menu list which user has the ability to sign this button. If there's no specific user selected from the dropdown menu, then every user who can see this page has the ability to sign this button

Permitted Groups

Choose from the dropdown menu list which group is allowed to sign this button. If there's no specific group selected from the dropdown menu, then every group who can see this page has the ability to sign this button.


Define which button is dependent of this specific button. If no dependency is selected from the dropdown menu, then all buttons can be signed independently of each other. 

This parameter helps you to structure your EDS-Document. With the Dependency parameter, you can define which action should be executed first or which user should sign the button first, before you can continue to the next button.

Users to Notify

Define which user needs to be notified for each action (sign, refuse etc.) that is executed on the button. A user won't be notified if nothing was selected from the dropdown menu. You can change the User To Notify for a specific action in the sign dialogue that appears after you've clicked the button.

Show Add-Page-Links

This parameter enables you to add the link to the review protocol.

If this parameter is selected, the user who signed the button will be required to add a page-link to the history table. Only after the link has been added in the sign dialogue, will the user be able to sign the button.

In this way can all changes, modifications or complaints in the review protocol be included in the EDS-Document, thus giving you more control over your EDS-Document. (Get Started) (History Macro).

If this parameter is not selected, the user who signed the button can add a page-link, but is not forced to do so.

In the case of a medical device to be developed, a review protocol is mandatory. This enables you to double-check whether all complaints in the review protocol have been included in the document.

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