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Not Predefined Macro

The Not Predefined Macro allows you to create a dropdown, where you can select a single or multiple options from a not predefined set (as the name suggests). You can create your option set directly in the macro dialog yourself. This is the main difference to the other macros. The set you define is only available for the macro in which you define it.

It is also possible to filter in a page property report macro for these not predefined macros. See Filtering with the Page Property Report Macro for further information.

Macro Parameters

These Parameters can be set differently for each Not Predefined Macro. You can’t preselect a dropdown value in the macro dialog for this macro.


Input Field Type


Default Value



Here you can create your set with the desired options for the dropdown. You can order the options by drag and drop.

Yes, No



If checked, the dropdown will be displayed as a multi-dropdown, which allows you to select multiple options at the same time.


Include Blank Option


If checked, will the dropdown include a blank option that can be selected.


Style Class


Here you can select a predefined CSS class that will be added to the dropdown container to change the look of the dropdown. Go to Define & Add own CSS Class for Dropdown to see how you can define such a CSS class.


Permitted Groups


Here you can select groups which are allowed to change the values of the dropdown. If left blank then all users with edit permission are allowed to change the value.

You can also define defaults of groups that are allowed to change the value of a dropdown. See Space & Global Configuration for further information.


Content Reference Lock


This checkbox allows you to lock the dropdown (users won’t be able to change the value) if it is displayed in a Page Property Report or an Excerpt Include macro.


Silent Page Update


If checked, will there be no new page version created when changing the value of the dropdown in view mode.


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