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Most Asked Questions

Why are pictures and attachments not showing up in translations?

Currently, pictures and any other types of attachments are not copied to the translation. This is not possible due to technical limitations. For more information and a possible workaround take a look at Known Issues

Why are translations still shown in the translations widget after I delete the page?

Make sure to delete your translations through the translations widget and not by manually deleting the page. If you do manually delete the page it is still possible to delete the translation again through the widget. This should remove it from the available translations list.

Why are translated pages edit-restricted?

Translated pages are automatically edit-restricted to prevent users from manually changing the content of translated pages. This is done because the Easy Translator for Confluence may at any point overwrite the translation, either because the source page was modified or because the translation was synchronised via the translation widget. If you want to change the content of translations use the dedicated Edit translation feature as described in Edit translation. This way modifications are not lost when the Easy Translator for Confluence updates the translation.

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