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Known Issues

Pictures and attachments aren’t showing up in translations


Currently, coping pictures and any other types of attachments is not possible due to technical limitations of the Forge platform. This issue is addressed by Atlassian FRGE-114: Cannot use multipart/form-data APIs with Forge runtime. Once the issue is resolved on Atlassian’s site we will update the Easy Translator for Confluence to also copy the pictures and attachments to the translated pages.



If you need the pictures and attachments on the translated page the following workaround can be applied:

  1. Open your source page, click on the three dots, go to Attachments and click on Files.

  2. You will see a list of all attachments on the actual page. Click on Download All and save your attachments.

  3. You will have to edit the permissions from the newly created page so that you have the permissions to edit the page. Go to the newly created page, click on the lock-icon, search for the user that should have the permissions to edit the page and click on add to grant the permissions and click on apply, to apply the changes.

  4. On the new page click on the three dots, go to Attachments and click on Files.
    Unzip the downloaded folder, select all files and drag them on the drop-field.

Now wait until the files are uploaded and go back to the page. The attachments are now visible.

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