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Plugin Features

Feature 1: User Groups

The Page Tree Eraser is a powerful plugin which can delete whole page trees. It is possible to restore the deleted pages from the trash but the structure will be lost. The administrator can set user groups to only allow selected persons to delete with the Page Tree Eraser if needed. Only the set user groups can delete with the Page Tree Eraser.

See Global Configuration for further information.

Feature 2: Undo Time Limit

The Undo Time Limit gives every user the chance to undo a created page tree. It doesn't matter whether the user belongs to the user group or not. If a page tree or a Word import for example was created within the undo time, the creator is allowed to delete the whole page tree at once. This can be useful, when there is a mistake in all titles, the tree was created in the wrong space, there went something wrong with a import or something else...

This feature prevents the users to call the administrator if they made a little mistake while creating a page tree. They get some time to undo their mistake with the Undo Time Limit. 

See Global Configuration for further information.

Feature 3: Trash Bin Space

The Trash Bin Space makes the usage of Page Tree Eraser Plugin very save. The function "Delete Page Tree" moves the whole tree to the Trash Bin Space. The structure of the tree doesn't get lost and recovering can be done by the Page Tree Creator Plugin. The function Delete Multi-Page should be use only, if want to delete some pages. The pages are deleted with the standard confluence functionality and that means they are moved to the space trash. The tree structure gets lost. But in case of the Delete Multi-Page the page permissions are considered.

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