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Delete a Page Tree

The Page Tree Eraser deletes a page tree on the basis of a source page tree.

Follow these easy steps to delete a selected page tree:

Step 1 - Page tree selection

Decide what page tree you would like to delete. 

Select page tree | Image

Step 2 - Delete page tree

Ensure that you are on the main page of the tree that you'd like to delete. The page you are currently on will be highlighted in blue.

Click the contextual menu for a drop down to appear (three dots in the top right hand corner).

Select Delete page tree.

Delete page tree | Image

Step 3 - Pages to be deleted 

A modal will pop up showing what pages will be deleted. 

If you are happy with the pages that will be deleted click on the Submit button.

Dialog | Image

Icon Key

What are these icons for?

These icons explain what each page means in the hierarchy of the tree.




Root Page

(Document blacked-out)

Page that contains a sub page

(Document white)

Page that contains no sub pages

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