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Release Notes

Using version 4 or below?

read the following guide first: Update from version 4

Version 7.2

Version 7.2.15 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where tags as Link Address in a Confluence Link macro inside our PTC Ignore Tags macro was not ignored.

Version 7.2.14 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where tags in the label are not replaced

  • Fixed a bug where copying a page with Comala Document Management macros is not displayed on the target page

Version 7.2.12 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug where deleted attachments are copied when there is no Comala workflow on the template

  • Fixed bug where trying to copy purged attachments causes page creation error

Version 7.2.9 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug with template statistics macro where filtering by label was not working

  • Fixed bug with Comala workflows where attachments where ignored if a draft state were present

  • Fixed bug with counter tag format where the counter was duplicated if it existed in source and in target space

Version 7.2.7 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug where count up location wasn't saved in the tag configuration dialog

Version 7.2.5 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug for tag sorting on older confluence versions

Version 7.2.4 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where counter tag settings for number of digits and initial value were flipped when configuring the tag via the Template Setting dialog

Version 7.2.3 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where date type placeholders are replaced with wrong dates (off by one day from selected day) under certain conditions

  • Fixed a bug where copies of non template pages are not counted by the Template Statistics macro

Version 7.2.1 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug with multi user placeholders where the input field in the create wizard was not responsible

Version 7.2.0 - Feature Release

Multi Button Macro

Exclude Content Macro

New Page Tag

ConfiForms - Data Forms & Workflows

Bug fixes

  • Fixed that missing Template Space Banner is shown correctly

  • Fixed Multi User format in tag description macro

  • Renamed Template Statistics to Last Template Usages in Template Detail Dialog

  • Replacements in the Tag Replacement Dialog can be longer than 255 characters

Version 7.1

Version 7.1.1 - Hotfix Release

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incompatibility with Internet Explorer

  • Fixed display of hours and minutes in Template Statistics Macro

  • Fixed issue with user mentions and user profile macro integration where certain names would not be replaced correctly

Version 7.1.0 - Feature Release

Template Statistic Macro

  • A brand new macro for the PTC 

  • Analyse your template usages and display them in a chart

  • Filter your data by template, by template space or by target space

  • See how you can use it in the video below or in the Template Statistic Macro documentation

Add space categories to a PTC category

  • Now you can add a space category directly to a PTC Template category

  • After you have add the space category you can use your template in all spaces with this category

  • See how you can add a space category to a PTC Template category in the Template Space documentation

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where user mentions in templates could not be copied

  • Fixed issue where link replacement failed

  • Fixed issue where counter tag were created with already increased number

  • Fixed issue with Internet Explorer where editing a template page were not possible

Version 7.0

Version 7.0.0 - Feature and Bugfix Release

Tag Configuration Screen

  • The new Tag Configuration screen allows you to configure all tags of a template at a single place

  • It can be accessed via the Template Detail dialog

  • It's meant to replace the Tag Description Macro (contains all it's functionality)

New Counter Tag


  • Counter Tags can be configured in the PTC Tag Description Macro or in the Tag Configuration dialog

  • As the consecutive tag, consists of prefix, number and suffix

  • The number of digits is configurable

  • Creates a counter in the location specified (accessible via the Space Tools/Consecutive Tags)

Count Up Location

  • Determine if the counter is located in the source space (where the template is) or the target space (where the template is instantiated)

  • Should there be already a Counter in the specified location, the already existing counter is increased

Reuse Tag Replacement



You have a template which contains the tag “__project-number__” For the tag the feature Reuse Replacement is activated 

First you instantiate the template, the replacement dialog pops up and you can replace “__project-nr__” with “123456”

This creates a new page. Next you use instantiate the template again and use the new page as a target.

Now in the replacement dialog, the project number tag will be prefilled with “123456” or not appear at all.

User Profile Macro

The User Profile Macro is now fully supported. Just place a User Tag inside as macro parameter.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug when using a multiline tag in a table

  • Fixed bug in the replace tags dialog page where the expand dialog did not show all tags correctly.

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