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Release Notes

Using version 4 or below?

read the following guide first: Update from V4 to V5

Version 6.3

Version 6.3.5 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where a replaced date does not contain leading zero

  • Tag replacements in labels have empty space with no space replaced

Version 6.3.4 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fix page select issue with Confluence attachment macro

  • Fix date format

Version 6.3.2 - Feature and Bugfix Release

New Features

  • Custom template names

  • Added Go to source page property panel button for PTC Button Macro

  • Improved Template Space Banner

  • Sorting of options in Tag Description Macro with Format Dropdown

  • Tag Description Link also accepts links that doesn't start with "https://"

  • Adding multiple labels with Tag Description also accepts Prefix and Suffix

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where PTC Button wouldn't render with empty Default Value Macro

  • Fixed compatibility issue with Comala Workflow

  • Minor bugfixes

Version 6.3.1 - Feature and Bugfix Release

New Features

  • Improved Tag Sorting (It is now in Template Detail)

  • Remove Tag Autocompletion

  • UI Improvements

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

  • Fix default values in excerpted button references

Version 6.2

Version 6.2.8 - Feature and Bugfix Release

New Features

  • Target select page tree dialog can be scrolled horizontally when page tree has long page titles

Fixed Bugs

  • Fix compatibility issues with Numbered Headings

  • Fix compatibility issues with Confluence 6.5.0

  • Minor visual fixes

Version 6.2.7 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed an infinite page creation bug

Version 6.2.6 - Feature and Bugfix Release

New Features

  • Jira Macros have now a single issue parameter

  • Added default templates to new created template spaces

  • Changed space precedence when using PTC buttons in excerpt macros

  • Improved no template space banner

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issue when template instantiation records were not updated correctly

  • Fixed issue with tags of link type

Version 6.2.5 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Issue on datacenter versions fixed

  • Empty regex tags allowed when not explicitly required

Version 6.2.4 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Updates for Task Report Macros

  • User and Date Tag Replacement Fields

  • Instantiate a template without edit permission on template space

Version 6.2.2 - Feature and Bugfix Release

New Features

  • Progress Bar

  • Mandatory/Optional Pages

  • Custom Page Permissions

  • Template Usage Display

Fixed Bugs

  • Reference Updates for PTC Buttons

  • User Replacement Field

  • Handling of PTC Button Target in Excerpts

  • Position of insertion of new page tree

Version 6.0

Version 6.0.5 - Feature and Bugfix Release

New Features

  • ECV Variables in title

  • Rich text support in Default Value Macro

Fixed Bugs

  • Tag Description Macro Loading Bug Fixed

Version 6.0.4 - Hotfix Release

Fixed Bugs

  • Issue with references to wrong pages fixed

Version 6.0.3 - Feature and Bugfix Release

New Features

  • Editor extensions with autocompletion for tags

  • Editor extension to sort tags

  • Easy Confluence Variables integration: Variables in page titles and links are automatically replaced on instantiation

  • Use the “ptc-template-space” space category and “ptc-template” label on root page to unlock template features when not using PTC templates spaces

  • Improvements

    • Tags in attachment labels

    • Underscores before tags

    • Tasks and mentions

    • JIRA macro single issue view

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug with broken layout

  • Colon in page titles and PTC button fixed

  • Required user, date and dropdown tags displayed correctly

  • Insight macro now handled correctly

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