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Update from V4 to V5

This guidance will help you to update the Page Tree Creator from version 4 to version 5

The big differences are:

  • (plus) Multiple template spaces, migrate your templates

  • (plus) Create dialogs instead of replacement forms

  • (plus) Simplified consecutive tags

  • (plus) Simplified general configuration

  • (plus) Improvement of tag descriptions and button macros

  • (warning) Tag format marker not supported anymore more...

New Features

Multiple Template Spaces

Add as many template spaces as desired

New Categories

Categories are used in template spaces to help organize the templates

New Create Dialog

Instead of a replacement form

Tag Description Macro

  • New field to select a separator for displaying multiple dropdown entries after instantiation.

  • New format Regex with a pattern field to match the tag

  • New textbox Info

PTC Button Macro

  • Renamed Hide Select a new destination to Fixed Target

  • Renamed Show Page Selection to Page Selection

  • New checkbox Resolve Page Titles to forbid duplicate page titles


Migrate Templates

Templates have to be located in a template space (Migrate your templates)

Consecutive Tags

Simplified functionality to only counting up after each instantiation

e.g. 001 → 002 → 003...

General Configuration

  • Simplified General PTC Configuration

  • New second configuration: "Template Spaces"

  • Don't forget to check if your configuration are still correct after the update

Migrate your templates

  1. Create a new template space (How to create a Template Space)

  2. Set up some categories if needed (How to create a new Category)

  3. Got to your old template space and move every template individually (How to create a new template from an old one)

    1. Move global templates

    2. Move templates for space

  4. Migrate tag formats

    1. Remove the tag format marker: __%uUser__ →  __User__

    2. Add a tag description macro for tag __User__ with format "User"

    3. Remove the cascade tags: ____cascade____ → __cascade__

General Configuration

Version 4

Version 5


Tag Markers


Tag Format Marker


Use the PTC tag description macro to give a tag a special format

Page prefix


Suffix instead of prefix, when duplicate page title

e.g. "page title" → "page title (1)"

Template Sticker


Hide Tag Markers


Tag markers are always hidden in the replace dialog

Use Comala Workflow


Show PTC logo and description


No more PTC logo or description in the dialog

Show context menu


Renamed to Show Copy Page Tree

Icon in context menu


Renamed to Show Icons in Page Tools

Confluence Create Dialog


Each template can be configured to be shown in the Create dialog individually

Use Template Space


Templates have to be in a template space

Template Space Key


Second PTC configuration: Template Spaces

Multiple template spaces are now possible

Template Groups


User with Create Page Permission on a template space can create new

Permitted Spaces


Not supported anymore, replaced with concept of multiple template spaces

Special Users


Not supported anymore, replaced with concept of multiple template spaces

Special Groups


Not supported anymore, replaced with concept of multiple template spaces

Deprecated Functionality

Tag Format Marker

__%uUser__ is not supported anymore → Use the PTC tag description macro instead

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