Note: If you have updated from version 7.0 to version 8.0, the page Migration to Version 8 contains a troubleshooting chapter that might be of use.

Version 8.7.0 - Feature Release

REST API update

REST endpoint for placeholder search GET instantiations/placeholders/{sourcePageId} is deprecated. It is still usable as before but it could throw an error if the query parameters are too long.

New REST endpoint POST instantiations/placeholderSearch/{sourcePageId} and now all query parameters are inside the body.

Please have a look at following page for more information: REST API

Compatibility with Jira Cloud

PTC Create Issue Automation Macro is now compatible with Jira Cloud. However only one Jira instance at the time is supported.

Combine PTC Create Issue Automation and Placeholder info

It is now possible to add Placeholder info to each Jira field. Simply add a PTC Placeholder macro for the desired Jira field Placeholder. Placeholders for project, issue type and summary can also be combined with a Placeholder macro. There is no need to select a specific type in the Placeholder macro as it will be overwritten by the Jira configuration.

Version 8.6.6 - Feature Release

Date calculation

  • Use it in combination with the PTC placeholder macro.

  • Calculate dates in the page title

Bugfix for create/copy space with confluence versions 7.x.x

Version 8.6.0 - Feature Release

With this feature release we introduce the first version of the server to cloud migration for ptc

Server to Cloud Migration

  • Integration with the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

  • Migrate your configuration from serve to cloud

  • Migrate your macros and placeholders to cloud

For a complete Migration Guide see Migration Guide

Version 8.5.0 New Features

Confluence Create from Template Macro supported

When using the Page Tree Creator to create a new space and in the source space was a Create from Template Macro then the reference to the template will be updated:



Macro points to a global template

Nothing will be updated, macro will still point to global template

Macro point to a space template and the space templates are copied to the new space

Macro points to the new template in the new space

Macro point to a space template and the space templates are not copied to the new space

Nothing will be updated, reference is lost because the macro cannot point to a template of another space

Checkbox in PTC Create Space button and Create Space wizard to not copy the space avatar

In the PTC Create Space button can be selected to copy the space avatar (space logo) or if unchecked the default space avatar of Confluence will be set. The option is also available when using “create space” via the tools menu.

Broadcast PageCopyEvent (Version 8.5.1)

After each page instantiation the same event is broadcasted as when using Confluence copy page function:

This will allow compatibility between multiple third party apps, for example with ​Metadata for Confluence

Version 8.4.0 New Feature External Datasource (PRO)

Bind values from an external Datasource to a Placeholder

Version 8.2.20 - Bugfix

Bugfix placeholder in page labels

  • When page labels contain multiple Placeholders, all Placeholders shall be replaced

Confluence version 7.17.0

  • Compatibility Create Issue Automation Macro and Confluence 7.17.0

  • Only Jira version 8.4.0 or higher are supported

Version 8.2.4 - Bugfix and Improvements

Improvement for PTC Create Issue Automation macro

  • Link an issue and select the relationship

  • Create subtasks

  • Combine Jira fields with placeholder type multi line

Improvement for PTC Placeholders

  • Dropdown placeholders are searchable for more than six options

  • Placeholder macro can be on any source ancestor page

  • Default Value for link type placeholder


  • Tag Config are correctly migrated

  • Copy pages with excel macros

Version 8.2.1 - Feature Release

With this feature release we introduce a new Page Tree Creator Pro Macro.

New Feature

Improve your workflow with the PTC Create Issue Automation (PRO) macro, Create Jira Issues in the same step you create your page(s) with the Page Tree Creator.

  • Same workflow as you are used to

  • Replace your placeholder in the same step (Replace Placeholder dialog)

  • Works with PTC Placeholder and placeholder configuration functionality:

    • Default Value Macro

    • Placeholder Macro (E.g description for the placeholder or reuse function)

  • Mark it as required or not

Version 8.0.0 - Major Release

With this major release we merged the Page Tree Creator and Space Tree Creator into one product. The Space Tree Creator is now the Page Tree Creator and the Page Tree Creator becomes the Page Tree Creator Pro.

We also moved the template configuration completely to a Confluence macro based approach.

And last but not least, we overhauled and consolidated big parts of the architecture.

The main benefits are:

  • You only need one app instead of two and create pages and spaces from a single app

  • Consistent functionality across use cases

  • Simplified development, build and release management for shorter release cycles

  • And with a view to the future, this serves as preparation for the migration path to the cloud

Important: Such a major release requires some fundamental changes on the technical side. To prepare your Confluence instance and avoid any trouble, be sure to read and understand the Installation and Migration chapter.


For users with an active Space Tree Creator and Page Tree Creator license: You can contact us on our Service Desk or write us at Since we don’t want you to pay double, we will grant you a pro rata promotion of your Space Tree Creator subscription that you can apply to your next Page Tree Creator Pro subscription.

Major changes

Page Tree Creator is now Page Tree Creator Pro

  • Page Tree Creator Pro inherits all functionality of the Space Tree Creator. (see full list)

Space Tree Creator is now Page Tree Creator

  • The PTC inherits the functionality to copy pages

    • But the other features like template configuration, default value macros etc. are only available in the Pro version.

Template Configuration

Template Configuration (previously a button located in the “Page Tools” section) is now a macro called PTC Template Page Properties (PRO Feature) and PTC Template Macro, located in the page itself now.


  • Template Space with dedicated Category Pages and Template Pages with a limited structure

  • Templates/Categories are configured with a icon in the upper right corner

  • Template Page Configuration are configured via ‘Template Page’-Icon in the upper right corner