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PTC Counter Configuration (PRO)


Counters allow you to have a placeholder automatically replaced by the value of a running counter.
Each placeholder has its own counter, which is automatically incremented by one whenever a template containing the corresponding placeholder is copied. You can configure counters in the Placeholder Macro or in the Space Tools (source or target space).

There are two options to use counters:

Counter in Source Spaces

Counter can be set up in a source space. Whenever a template with the placeholder is copied from the source space, the corresponding counter is incremented by one and the current value is used to replace the placeholder in the page.

Counter in Target Spaces

Target spaces can make use of counter as well. When a target space has its own counter, any template copied into it will have its matching placeholders replaced with the current value of the corresponding counter.

Note: That Counter with the same placeholder names can be added to both the source space from where a template is copied, and the space where the new copy is created. In this case the counter in the target space will always take precedence, and the counter in the source space remains unchanged.

Format Options




Count Up Location

Choose between Source Space or Target Space, where the counter is to be counted.

If no Counter is configured in the Source Space or Target Space the Placeholder Macro will create on.

Target Space

Counter Prefix

A constant prefix made from any text can be added. This Prefix will always be prepended to the counter value when replacing a placeholder.

Counter Postfix

As with the prefix, a constant postfix can be appended to the counter value when replacing placeholders.

Current Counter

The counter setting allows for basic customization of the placeholders counter. The number set in the counter field is the value from where the counter will start counting.

Number of Digits

Minimum number of digits used to print the counters value when replacing tags. (e.g. 001)


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