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Multiple replacements for a single datapicker (PRO)

1. Add multiple columns to your SQL query

  • Text: Displayed in the replace dialog to help the user select the correct data set

  • Replacement: Replacement for the Placeholder

  • Additional Replacement: Each value will be mapped to a optional Placeholder defined in the Placeholder Macro

The Description will help to fill out optional Placeholders in the Placeholder Macro.

SQL query with multiple columns | Image

2. Add a Placeholder Macro to your template

The description can now help to fill out the optional/additional Placeholders.

It doesn’t matter which one is the primary Placeholders.

It is also possible to only use the first additional Placeholders or none at all, but the order has to be the same as it is in the SQL query. The additional Placeholders are optional.

Add additional placeholders | Image

3. Instantiate your template

Now only the primary Placeholder will be displayed, and the first column of the SQL query (Text) appears to help select the replacements.

The other two additional Placeholders are filled out automatically in the background.

Replace Placeholder dialog | Image

4. Result

All three Placeholders are now replaced.

Page with replaced placeholders | Image

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