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Excerpt and Excerpt Include macro

The Excerpt macro is used to mark a part of a page's content for re-use. Defining an excerpt enables other macros, such as the Excerpt Include to display the marked content elsewhere.

How to use Excerpt and Excerpt Include macros

Initial situation

You have a template with an excerpt include macro in it. After the instantiation you want the referenced page in the excerpt include to be updated.

Case 1 The Excerpt Include points to an Excerpt in the same page tree

  • Template page (Excerpt Include points to Template subpage)
       → Template subpage (contains Excerpt)

After the instantiation the Excerpt Include on the Template page will automatically point to the new subpage

  • New page (Excerpt Include points to the New subpage)
       → New subpage (contains Excerpt)

Case 2 The Excerpt Include points to a non existing page and is copied with the Page Tree Creator

The Excerpt Include can contain an invalid link with tags.

If your template contains an excerpt include with an invalid link, it will show an error message that the macro could not be rendered.

However when instantiating the template you can choose the space key and page title because of the two tags.
When the page is created it will point to a valid page and show the excerpt.

Excerpt Includes with valid references are only updated when in the same page tree.

If your excerpt include contains a valid link to a page which does not belong to the template (not in the copy process involved, then the link in the excerpt won't be updated, even if there are tags in the page title.

Learn more about

To learn more about the Excerpt macro.

To learn more about the Excerpt Include macro.

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