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Create Wizard

The Create Wizard will be displayed when instantiating a template by tools menu, PTC button or Confluence create dialog.

Depending of the use case, the options displayed differ.

You can choose to skip Select a Target and Select Pages in the template details and the PTC button configuration.

1 - Select a Target

Can be skipped in the PTC button configuration.

The button besides the Target Page field allows to select a specific page from the Target Space.

Select a target | Image

2 - Select Pages

This page only shows up, if the page that is being copied has child pages. It can be skipped in the PTC button configuration or the template details. It is also possible to set mandatory child pages.

Select Pages | Image

3 - Loading Placeholders from Page

After all pages to copy have been selected, PTC will search for placeholders to be replaced in them. This process may take a moment. Once all pages have been searched, the wizard will automatically continue to the next step.

4 - Replace Placeholder

  • Keep your placeholders organized with the Placeholder Order feature.

  • On the right you see a demonstration of the available placeholder Formats.

  • On the left you see the PTC Template name and description if is configured with the PTC Template macro.

Replace Placeholder | Image

5 - Copying pages

Once all placeholders have been assigned their replacement values, PTC will start processing and copying the templates. This step may take a while, depending on how many pages are copied.

Copying pages | Image

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