Note: If you have updated from version 7.0 to version 8.0, the page Migration to Version 8 contains a troubleshooting chapter that might be of use.

Issue when using default values/placeholders in template root pages


When using default placeholder or placeholders that have default values (See Default Value Macro (PRO)) in page titles, the Page Tree Creator will replace these placeholders with the actual value during evaluation of page references configured in the Page Tree Creator Create Space and Create Pages Macro.

This behavior is desired in some cases, see Exclude Content Macro (PRO) for more details

However in the following scenario this might lead to unexpected behavior:

  • The Page Tree Creator Button its source page and target page are located in the same space

  • The source page its page title contains default placeholders or placeholders with a default value

  • And there already exist a page with the same page title as when replacing the placeholders in the source page its page title

In this case, the Page Tree Creator will not copy the configured source page but the other page.

Example and Solution


To reproduce the error, make the following page structure:

  • Root Page

    • __current_date__ - My Template

  • Set a Page Tree Creator Button on the Root Page with the source page “__current_date__ - My Template” and target page empty (points at the Root Page itself

  • Add a placeholder to the source page its content, e.g. “__placeholder__”

When using the button first, you will be presented with a ‘placeholder replace’ dialog, where you can enter a value like “Test Replacement” for the “__placeholder__” resulting in the following structure:

  • Root Page

    • __current_date__ - My Template

    • 01.01.2021 - My Template

The content of the new created page will be “Test Replacement”.

When using the Page Tree Creator Button a second time, you will see, that the ‘placeholder replace’ wizard page will be skipped and when creating the page and that the page content will be also “Test Replacement”. Thats because the Page Tree Creator didn’t create a new page based on the template page, but it evaluated the default placeholder first and used the “01.01.2021 - My Template” page as template.

(If executed on the same date)

The same behavior can be observed for any default placeholders or


There exist two independent solutions to prevent this unexpected behavior:

  1. Keep your templates in a separate template space

  2. Add a template sticker to your templates

Just set a Template Marker in the front of your template root page

Per default this marker is _Template

It can be that your confluence administrator have change this

“__current_date__ - My Template” becomes “_Template __current_date__ - My Template”