Since it is not possible to enter an invalid query string in the Confluence JIRA Macro, we have introduced the PTC JIRA Macro. It extends the Confluence Jira Macro by allowing an invalid query string, which can be replaced in a second step.


Query String

  • is required

  • enter query string with placeholders

Multiple Issues by JQL ('Single Issue' unchecked)

  • e.g.: project = __jira project number__

 Single Issue by key ('Single Issue' checked)

  • e.g.: __issue key__

Single Issue

  • check when using a JIRA single issue

  • Insert only a placeholder into the Query String

How to use the PTC Jira Macro

  • Place the PTC JIRA Macro on the page you want your final Confluence JIRA Macro to appear

    • Enter the query string with placeholders as "query string" parameter

      • example: project = __jira project number__ or when checking the 'Single issue' box: __jira project number__

    • Check the checkbox "Single Issue" if you use a JIRA single issue

    • If your JQL string returns multiple issues and you have "Single Issue" checked, you will get a table

  • Place a regular Confluence JIRA Macro inside the body of the PTC JIRA Macro

    • Enter any valid query string

  •  When instantiating the page. The placeholder can be replaced with a valid Query String in the replace dialog.

    • Replacement example:  DESKPTC

    • Single Issue will lead to a Jira Macro with a single issue displayed in the new created page.

    • Multiple Issues will lead to a table containing all issues that are in this project.

Upon creation, the PTC JIRA Macro gets completely removed, leaving only the Confluence JIRA Macro with the updated query string of the PTC JIRA Macro.

The query string of the Confluence JIRA Macro is completely ignored in this process. However, the display settings of the Confluence JIRA Macro are retained.