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Security Settings

The Security settings can be used to adjust app usage permissions for specific users, groups, or even spaces.

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Settings Options



Default Value

User becomes admin

The user creating the space, automatically becomes space admin (Confluence standard).


Exempt Create Space Permission

The PTC Create Space Button can be used regardless of the global Create Space permission.

When checked:

  • The user can now create a space with the PTC Create Space Button regardless of the global Create Space permission

  • The user still needs view permission on the source page

  • The PTC Create Space Button permissions still apply

  • The Space Permitted spaces configuration still applies


Omit Page Restrictions

Omit restrictions for the new Page Tree. If checked, the restrictions from the source Page wont be copied at all. This setting can help if you have unprivileged users which need to use Page Tree Creator on edit restricted template spaces.


Space Permission

Exempt View Permission:

If checked, there is no view permission needed on the selected source space to copy pages from it.

Authorize Space Instantiation: If one or more spaces are selected to be authorized, then it is only possible to create spaces from these source spaces. If none is selected here then all spaces can be used as source to create new spaces from. By default all spaces are authorized spaces.


Permitted Groups

Users in these groups are allowed to use Copy Space and Copy Page Tree from every space. (even if they are not listed in Permitted Spaces)


Permission System

The Page Tree Creator permissions are built on top of the Confluence permission system.


Required Permission

Create Space

PTC Source View Permission for Root Page AND

PTC Source Space Authorization AND

PTC Create Space Permission

Create Pages

PTC Source View Permission for Root Page AND

PTC Target Space Permission

Copying of Child Pages

PTC Source View Permission for Child Page



PTC Source View Permission

User has Confluence view permission for source space and for source page OR

Space is PTC View Exemption Space

PTC Source Space Authorization

Space is PTC Authorized Space OR

User is PTC Authorized User/Group OR

Space Configurations is empty

PTC Create Space Permission

User has Confluence create space permission OR

PTC Overwrite Create Space Permission = True

PTC Target Space Permission

User has Confluence add page permission for target space

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