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Try out your first properties

First, configure the properties in the global settings under AppsManage your apps. There, you choose the app you want to use. In our example, we use the Easy JQL Properties for Projects.

Find the Global Settings | Image

Now, we set a name, a type and optionally a description. Values will be set later.

Also, don’t forget to activate the property under Active and click Save.

Global Settings | Image

Next, we move into our project and go to the Project settingsEasy JQL Properties for Projects and see, that the properties we saved are now accessible to set for all users with project admin permissions.

Here, we can set a value for our property and save it.

Define values | Image

Lastly, we click FiltersView all issues. There, we make sure, the filter is set to JQL on the very right of the screen.

We can now use our defined values in the input field.

Search with JQL | Image

See Use Properties in JQL for a guide on how to use the JQL search.

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