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Development Roadmap

This page shows the planned development roadmap for EDM Cloud.


  • 2023/Q3

    • Search in Status Dropdown

  • 2023/Q4

    • EDM Statistics Macro (count values of dropdowns on pages)

  • 2024/Q1

    • Macro Preview in Editor

    • Support zip button in config for faster support in our service desk

    • Rendering Performance increase

  • Later

    • Image Placeholder in Template Editor (Status, Predefined, Not Predefined, Edit)

    • EDM Type Macro (dropdown with confluence pages, users or external links)


  • Search value suggestions in filter (UI Support)

  • Edit Mode Capabilities

Not Planned

  • Dropdown Options

    • Silent Page Updates (Status, Predefined, Not Predefined)

  • Styling with CSS class declarations

  • Permissions

    • Allow anonymous access

    • Allow access without edit permissions

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