This page shows the planned development roadmap for EDM Cloud.


  • 2022/Q1

    • Migration Path Server → Cloud

      • Includes configuration, sets and options, macro schemata

    • Dropdown Options

      • Include Blank Option (Predefined, Not Predefined)

    • Cloud Security Participant Badge

  • 2022/Q2

    • Cloud Fortified Badge

    • Search by property name

    • Migration of Page Property Macros (Server → Cloud)

  • Later

    • Edit Mode Capabilities

    • Space Permissions

    • Dropdown Options

      • Styling with custom CSS (Status, Predefined, Not Predefined, Edit)

      • Content Reference Locks (Status, Predefined, Not Predefined)

      • Custom Separator (Edit)

      • Image Placeholder in Template Editor (Status, Predefined, Not Predefined, Edit)


  • Search value suggestions in filter (UI Support)

Not Planned

  • Macros

    • Silent Page Updates (Status, Predefined, Not Predefined)

  • Styling with CSS class declarations

  • Permissions

    • Allow anonymous access

    • Allow access without edit permissions