You must have View Translation permission to access this feature. If you do not have this permission or are not sure, check the Access control and permissions settings or contact your Confluence administrator.

Export a page

Since version 1.9.0 of the Easy Confluence Translator exported pages are automatically translated. But instead of translating the document from scratch the ECT only applies stored translations to the page being exported. This means no new translations are created by exporting a page and no additional costs are incurred by the ECT during a page export.

Follow these steps to export a translated page:

  1. Select a translation from the dropdown

  2. Open the action menu of the page right next to the translation dropdown

  3. Click on Export to PDF or Export to Word

Export to PDF or Word | Image

The exported PDF or Word document should now be translated like the web page.

Due to technical limitations it unfortunately is not possible to translate the title of the exported document.

Exporting with third party apps

Using third party apps to export Confluence pages is not guaranteed to work with the ECT. This means when exporting pages with another app (not with the standard Export to PDF or Export to Word buttons provided by Confluence) the export might not contain any translations of the ECT.

But apps making use of the so called storage to view transformer chain should be compatible with the ECT. For example the most popular third party app Scroll by K15t is compatible with the ECT.

Space export

Confluence also offers the possibility to export multiple pages of a space. (Space tools → Content tools → Export) The ECT currently does not support such space exports. This means all pages generated via space export will remain in the original language.