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Card Layouts Macro

The Card Layouts Macro allows you to freely customize your confluence page and create visually stunning designs.

Card Layouts Macro | Image

Macro Configuration

After adding the macro to the page, you can open the configuration by clicking the settings icon in the view mode of the page.

Inside the macro configuration, you can add cards by pressing the + icon and delete them over the trash icon.

Configure Cards

  • Decide the card size through the first set of radio buttons.

  • Next, set a title and text for your card.

  • Add an image by selecting one in the image dropdown. You can only choose images that are added to the page’s attachments.

  • If you selected an image, you can also set the image size inside the card.

All cards will have the same height. If a card doesn’t have space in the existing row, it will automatically start a new one.

Macro Configuration | Image

The settings icon is visible if you have edit permissions on the page. But it is also possible to hide the settings icon for all users. See Macro Editor below for more information.

Macro Editor

Here you will find a checkbox that allows you to hide the settings icon in the view mode of the page.

Macro Editor | Image

Macro Parameters




Default Value


Radio Buttons

Set the size of the card.




Enter the card title.




Enter the card text.




Choose the image you would like to be displayed in the card. You will have the option between all images that have been added to the page's attachments.


Image Width


Set the width of the image that is placed in your card.


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