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Delete a Page Tree

How to delete a Page Tree

  • First of all, choose the main page of the page tree you want to delete.

  • To delete the page tree, click on the button in the top-right corner (Tool-Menu) and then choose Delete Page Tree.

  • Check the pages you want to delete in the displayed page tree.

    • The pages you can't see won't be shown but the amount is written.

    • The pages you aren't allowed to edit are shown but you can't check or uncheck them. They are red and you can't delete them.

  • Finally - Submit with the Delete Pages button to delete all selected pages.

When you belong to the user group or there is no user group

You have the chance to select individual pages or delete the complete page tree with all invisible and non editable pages.

There are now two submit buttons.
The first one (Delete Pages) is to delete selected pages (won't delete invisible or non editable).
The second one (Undo page creation) is to delete the whole page tree including invisible or non editable pages.

When you are not allowed to delete or to use the Page Tree Eraser but there is a undo time

You have the chance to undo you page creation if you are within the undo time and you are the creator of the page tree.

You can simply delete the whole page tree including all invisible or non editable pages. 

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